Ethical code

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1. The Veterinary technologist plays an important and fundamental role in the veterinary sciences. This encompasses the execution of laboratory techniques and procedures related to veterinary research, vaccine production, diagnostic services, and the promotion of animal health in general.

2. The Veterinary technologist must, at all times, maintain the highest standards during the execution of his/her appointed tasks so that the acquired results are trustworthy.

3. The Veterinary technologist must not only be well trained theoretically and practically to conduct his/her task but also maintain this knowledge at a constantly high level.

4. The Veterinary technologist must see and keep confidential information as such.

5. The Veterinary technologist must respect the limits and responsibilities of his/her professional services and operate strictly within these limits.

6. The Veterinary technologist must conduct assignments judiciously and loyally without using unethical practices.

7. The Veterinary technologist must report unethical conduct and incompetence of fellow technologists to his/her employer firstly and to the professional council secondly.

8. The Veterinary technologist will expose experimental animals to a minimum of pain and discomfort and treat such animals with deference.

9. The Veterinary technologist will not allow himself/herself to be used in advertisements or product promotion of any form of self-advertisement.

10. The Veterinary technologist upholds close cooperation and a harmonious relationship with colleagues and members of other professions.

11. The Veterinary technologist must behave in a manner which does not discredit his/her own profession nor any other veterinary profession.

12. The Veterinary technologist must assume joint responsibility along with local and other professions for the health of the community at local, national and international levels.

13. The Veterinary technologist must acquaint himself/herself with the content of laws pertaining to the veterinary profession in so far as these concerns his/her labours.