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What is a Veterinary Technology?

  • “Veterinary technology” is a branch of veterinary science that aims to apply technology and laboratory techniques to analyze a diverse set of specimens of animals, and plants. This gazette is also available free online at 100 No. 47665 GOVERNMENT GAZETTE, 9 December 2022 3 3 feed and/or environmental origin to assist with the diagnosis, prevention, control, treatment, rehabilitation, and monitoring of illness and disease in animals; and
  • “Veterinary technologist” is a person who practices veterinary technology by applying technologies and performing laboratory techniques to produce a test/laboratory result that can be used for various veterinary purposes.
  • “Veterinary laboratory” means a facility that has the specific purpose of diagnostic and/or research testing, any mobile service unit linked to the permanent facility, and in-house laboratories that form part of a veterinary facility where the service is not only rendered for the facility’s requirements;

Where do I study Veterinary Technologist?
The Veterinary Technology course is only offered at the Tshwane University of Technology in Pretoria.  The course is part of the Faculty of Sciences Department of Biomedical Sciences offers.  The Department of Biomedical Sciences is located at the TUT Arcadia campus in the heart of the city.


Rules and Acts for Vet Techs:

Link to SAVC website –

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